The End

The End

That title is not an euphemism. That is the last Bear and Tiger strip… probably forever.

I decided to end the strip a while back. Back before I had to take my work break. Not because I was tired of it, and not because I had run out of ideas… as a matter of fact, there were a ton of other stories I had ready to go. The simple fact was that I had more stories to tell that were not Bear and Tiger stories… and I want to tell those too. Bear and Tiger has been wonderful for me for the last three years. I’ve kept working hard. I’d like to think that my art has gotten better and I’ve gotten faster at producing it. I’ve developed at least a little bit as a visual storyteller.

I’m sure this is going to make a few people a little upset. To those people I apologize. This was a very difficult decision for me. Bear and Tiger have been a HUGE part of the last three years of my life. But right now I’m at a pretty massive turning point. I’m starting a new job at a new company doing new things… and I’m stopping production on this strip to start work on things new and exciting. I hope that when those things become a reality that you’ll want to come along for those rides as well.

Feel free to email me via the contacts page. I’m on Deviant Art and all that stuff. I’m also around on the Bear and Tiger Forums.

How long will the site stay up? Who knows. I might just use it to show progress on everything I’m working on now. Will there be a collected print edition? Who knows. Does anyone want one?

Mostly I’d just like to thank you for reading, and coming along with me and these silly animals as they’ve pooped, vomited, and peed on each other while rubbing their butts on each other’s faces.

I hope you have enjoyed the strip!

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