Barbed Wire Breach

Barbed Wire Breach

The old reverse psychology trick. Of course the fact that any kind of psychology works on Captain Tiger is a wonder of science… he doesn’t seem to make use of his brain much at all.

Reverse psychology works on a phenomenon called reactance. Reactance is basically what happens when there are rules put in place which contradict your personal freedoms. So if a guy says, “Hey, don’t go pee over there!” Your first reaction would be to want to pee over there. Because he’s set a rule in place saying you can’t do something you should be free to do. I guess it works because there’s a psychology around it… or something. I don’t know. What I do know is that when someone asks me to do something, I hate it and I immediately don’t want to do it. Inevitably, I end up doing it anyway.

So, psych lesson aside, did you like the strip? I hope you did. If so, head on over to the Bear and Tiger Forums and let me know what you thought!

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